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inter 3 provides practice-oriented research and consultancy in all areas of resource management. We develop workable solutions for modern, culturally and regionally appropriate infrastructure management. ...more


Climate Change Adaptation: Successful brainstorming for the Roodasht region [12.08.2016]

Workshop participants © inter 3

In a brainstorming workshop on August 3, 2016 in Isfahan, Iran, the participants successfully identified climate change adaptation approaches for Roodasht, an agricultural region that severely suffers from droughts....more

IFAT 2016: Iran‘s water industry gets ready for the future [08.06.2016]

State Secretary Adler (r), Vice Minister Mahmoodi (c), Dr. Mohajeri (l) © GWP e.V.

Led by the vice energy minister Mahmoodi, an Iranian delegation visited IFAT 2016 in Munich. inter 3 managing director Dr. Mohajeri accompanied participants who informed themselves about the latest developments in the German water sector by visiting company stands and various events....more

The Constellation Analysis as a bridging concept [19.05.2016]

Example of a constellation analysis

Susanne Schön and Dörte Ohlhorst's artcile "Constellation analysis as a means of interdisciplinary innovation research: theory formation from the bottom up" in the "Historical Social Research" special issue is now available as free download....more

inter 3 Publication

Schön, S. / Mohajeri, S. / Dierkes, M. (Eds.) (2013): Machen Kläranlagen glücklich? Ein Panorama grenzüberschreitender Infrastrukturforschung, Berlin, inter 3.

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