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inter 3 provides practice-oriented research and consultancy in all areas of resource management. We develop workable solutions for modern, culturally and regionally appropriate infrastructure management. ...more


inter 3 supports GIZ and BGR fact-finding mission in Iran [19.04.2018]


Within the framework of BMU’s International Climate Initiative the cooperation between Germany and the MENA region shall be intensified. Concrete measures for cooperation shall now be identified in a fact-finding mission of GIZ and BGR. inter 3 will brief the delegation and is responsible for coordinating and accompanying the mission....more

Recent article on digital strategies for strengthening resilience of infrastructures [15.03.2018]

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Flexible operation strategies and active demand side management can increase climate resilience of grid-bound infrastructure. Digital applications, blockchain technology and modern approaches derived from behavioral economics such as 'nudges' are important elements of activating existing flexibility potentials....more

Boosting Research Cooperation: The German Science Day in Iran [26.02.2018]

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How to link institutions and topics of the German and Iranian research landscape? What forms of funding do exist? At various events in Tehran and Isfahan current and possibilities for future projects will be presented between 27 February and 1 March. The relevance of these issues is reflected in the high-ranking speakers on the panels....more