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inter 3 provides practice-oriented research and consultancy in all areas of resource management. We develop workable solutions for modern, culturally and regionally appropriate infrastructure management. ...more


Strategy workshop in Isfahan: 50 experts develop ideas for agricultural transformation [21.08.2017]

© Horlemann/ inter 3 GmbH

What are the strengths and weaknesses of farmers in the Zayandeh Rud catchment? Which framework conditions can support or hinder certain solutions? And how can these factors be combined in order to make agriculture more sustainable. More than 50 participants attended the strategy workshop in Isfahan between August 14 and 16 to develop concrete recommendations....more

inter 3 at the Iran Week 2017 [17.07.2017]

© Michael Kaden / TU Dresden

Not only for German businesses, but also for scientists Iran has become an increasingly attractive partner. Yet, how to establish successful cooperation between the two countries? How to connect competencies, expectations and goals? The Iran Week 2017 tried to find answers to these questions. Lena Horlemann provided insights from various inter 3 projects....more

New brochure presents DEMAPLAN software toolbox [26.06.2017]

© DEMAPLAN/ inter 3

The DEMAPLAN software toolbox is an allround-solution determined to increase water supply companies' success through demand-oriented infrastructure management and planning. The new inter 3 brochure shows how it works....more

inter 3 Publication

Mohajeri, S. / Nuñez von Voigt (2017): DEMAPLAN - Deamd-oriented management and planning of water infrastructures, Berlin, inter 3.

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