Institute for Resource Management
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Advisory Committee

The work of the institute is accompanied by a scientific advisory committee.  This advisory committee comprises six renowned personages from the scientific, political and economic spheres. With their many years of experience they support the projects and the long term direction of the institute critically and constructively.

Members of the Advisory Committee:

  • Prof. Dr. Josef Bugl, Mannheim: Member of European Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • Dr. Karl Kauermann, Berlin: CEO, Berliner Volksbank (retd.)
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Michalski, Paris: Former director, OECD
  • Ludwig Pawlowski, Berlin: Director Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin (retd.)
  • Thomas Sattelberger, Bonn: Member of the board, Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Dr. Konrad Schily (MdB), Witten: Member of the board, University Witten/Herdecke, Member of the German Parliament (retd.)