Institute for Resource Management
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Good prospects for using transition successfully

We work successfully at the interface between science and practice in innovation management and in infrastructure and regional development. The key competencies of the inter 3 team are: interdisciplinary research – intercultural thinking – international cooperation. You can profit from our interdisciplinary knowledge, intercultural competence and international network.

Interdisciplinary research

The inter 3 team competencies unite interdisciplinary specialism with sophisticated methodologies. We combine engineering and socio-scientific insights with business and economic know-how in a strategic approach which makes effective solutions possible. This is assured by the widely diversified competencies of the scientific lead, the interdisciplinary project team and an international network of renowned scientists.

Intercultural thinking

inter 3’s particular strength lies in its capability for intercultural cooperation – not only between various national cultures, but also between organisations and business cultures. Alongside the countries of the European Union our focus is on the Near and Middle East.

International cooperation

Globalisation and scarcity of resources present new challenges and opportunities for institutions, businesses and also entire societies. inter 3 projects are practical projects with international benefits. We work in-country and cooperate with regional and international experts as well as local experts. This results in science-based solutions whose practical implementation is supported by inter 3.