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Cross-sector semi- and decentralised infrastructure development in a rapidly changing environment

Flexible infrastructures for sustainable development

Technical, economic, social and cultural infrastructures are built to have a long service life. They bind financial resources, fix bidding and service practices, and form a long term bond with the organisational framework in which they are embedded. In a very dynamic social environment, a poor ability to adapt can lead to problems. It hinders precisely that what infrastructures are supposed to provide: quality of life and economic development.

inter 3 is specialised in research and development of infrastructure concepts which make flexible adaptation in changing environments and circumstances possible. A focus is the combination of water and energy infrastructures appropriate to the region. Our concepts and management strategies combine short term, practicable measures with a long term, applied development strategy. Transition processes such as climate change, demographic transition and economic structure transition are systematically considered.

inter 3 is geared to building up infrastructure modules to match demands. Centralised, semi- and decentralised elements are combined across sectors in a new way and innovative infrastructure solutions are embedded in a comprehensive governance plan. The objective is to produce robust local infrastructure services that advance economic development and ecological sustainability through flexible adaptation.

Whether in the shrinking regions of Germany or in the growing urban areas of the Middle East, whether technical, economic or social infrastructure, inter 3 develops future-proof concepts always from the viewpoint of the infrastructure operator: What do they need, and what must they do, in order to be able to provide robust infrastructure services?

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