Institute for Resource Management
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Science Communication and Public Relations Work

Making science understandable

Pilot projects, research programmes, skills networks, marketing platforms – information is collected everywhere, concepts are tested, new knowledge produced, innovations and products created. Nowadays value is placed on an integrated form of public relations. But often during a typical work day, there is not enough time, energy or knowledge to effectively communicate news to target groups.

inter 3 combines its specialist scientific skills in the areas of infrastructure and technology development, demographic transition, urban and regional development, as well as resource and innovation management with specific experiences in science-related PR work. We develop communication strategies that fit to you and your target group, and implement these professionally. In this way, complex facts become interesting and appealing news items.

inter 3 makes it possible for you to use PR strategically for the success of your project: By supporting complex cooperation processes (e.g. in the framework of a pilot project or in regional development), by increasing the acceptance of your project by actively addressing the public, by assisting with creating a good organisation or company image, and by developing company skills.

inter 3 evaluates your public relations work. By finding out information needs and information routines as well as resonance analysis, we create the conditions for a strategic new direction as well as an effective and efficient allocation of resources.

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