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Water resource management and Restructuring of the Water Market

Effective and sustainable water usage

A good life is not possible without good water. This applies to water-rich regions as well as to countries that have to get by with little water. inter 3 is active in both Europe and the Near and Middle East and investigates in collaboration with scientific, economic and political partners how the water industry can successfully adapt to changing circumstances. In order to overcome the challenges, technical infrastructure concepts need to be embedded in the respective country-specific socio-economic and curtural environments. inter 3 possesses the competencies to develop implementable solutions for varying circumstances.

inter 3 provides comprehensive analysis and consultancy services on the management of water and wastewater resources. We analyse the regional strengths in the exploitation, preparation, distribution, and re-use of water and wastewater, develop concepts for the reorganisation of the water industry and support those responsible in their practical implementation.

inter 3 develops innovative concepts for semi-centralised and decentralised water supply and disposal systems and their integration in the existing infrastructures. In this we focus on creating robust local water services, flexible operation procedures and cross-sector infrastructure systems.

In addition to this, inter 3 works out sustainable and robust financing and business models suited to the regional conditions. inter 3 employs a holistic approach that considers the particular cultural, socio-economic and legal conditions of the area in question.

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