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Final Conference and Publication "Innovation Groups for Sustainable Land Management" [14.02.2019]

The BMBF-funded "Innovation Groups for Sustainable Land Management" presented innovative concepts from their projects to the approximately 150 participants in Berlin. How these solutions can now complement practice is shown in the latest publication "Nachhaltige Landnutzung managen"....more

IWRM Zayandeh Rud Closing Conference - Opening of Training Center [22.11.2018]


After about eight years project duration the final conference of the project IWRM Zayandeh Rud took place in Isfahan in December. In addition to a delegation from the BMBF, about 150 participants attended the conference. Moreover, the German-Iranian Training Center for officially launched....more

Workshop for a green Iran [26.06.2018]

From tomorrow on, German and Iranian architects, engineers and construction companies will discuss possibilities for cooperation in the field of resource efficient district development. The workshop held by the Network for Architecture Exchange of the Federal Chamber of German Architects has been organized and supported by inter 3 with regards to contents....more

IFAT 2018: Events and new publications [14.05.2018]

© IFAT / Messe München

inter 3 is present at various events at this year’s IFAT exhibition: the Country Special Iran and the Innovation Forum Water Management. Two articles have been published in special IFAT editions in wwt wasserwirtschaft wassertechnik and KA International....more

inter 3 welcomes delegation of agricultural experts from Iran [25.04.2018]

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Agriculture is the main water user in Iran. Without approaching this sector it will be impossible to solve the water crisis. Starting today, an Iranian delegation will learn about ideas and technologies from Germany....more

inter 3 supports GIZ and BGR fact-finding mission in Iran [19.04.2018]


Within the framework of BMU’s International Climate Initiative the cooperation between Germany and the MENA region shall be intensified. Concrete measures for cooperation shall now be identified in a fact-finding mission of GIZ and BGR. inter 3 will brief the delegation and is responsible for coordinating and accompanying the mission....more

Recent article on digital strategies for strengthening resilience of infrastructures [15.03.2018]

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Flexible operation strategies and active demand side management can increase climate resilience of grid-bound infrastructure. Digital applications, blockchain technology and modern approaches derived from behavioral economics such as 'nudges' are important elements of activating existing flexibility potentials....more