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New publication: "Nudging" as innovative environmental policy instrument [21.09.2016]

Nudge - Schematic Design © Michalek, Meran, Schwarze, Yildiz

"Nudging" as an innovative political instrument has become a popular topic. What are the distinctive features of the nudging concept? How can it help? What are limitations? A new publication provides insights from cognitive and social psychology and thoughts about its practical use....more

Climate Change Adaptation: Successful brainstorming for the Roodasht region [12.08.2016]

Workshop participants © inter 3

In a brainstorming workshop on August 3, 2016 in Isfahan, Iran, the participants successfully identified climate change adaptation approaches for Roodasht, an agricultural region that severely suffers from droughts....more

IFAT 2016: Iran‘s water industry gets ready for the future [08.06.2016]

State Secretary Adler (r), Vice Minister Mahmoodi (c), Dr. Mohajeri (l) © GWP e.V.

Led by the vice energy minister Mahmoodi, an Iranian delegation visited IFAT 2016 in Munich. inter 3 managing director Dr. Mohajeri accompanied participants who informed themselves about the latest developments in the German water sector by visiting company stands and various events....more

The Constellation Analysis as a bridging concept [19.05.2016]

Example of a constellation analysis

Susanne Schön and Dörte Ohlhorst's artcile "Constellation analysis as a means of interdisciplinary innovation research: theory formation from the bottom up" in the "Historical Social Research" special issue is now available as free download....more

Water issues discussed at German-Iranian Economic Forum [02.05.2016]

Sewage plant in Iran © inter 3

At the German-Iranian Economic Forum on May 3, water was one of the main topics. Dr. Shahrooz Mohajeri, member of the GWP board of directors and inter 3 managing director, brought in some 15 years of experience in German Iranian cooperation in the water sector....more

German-Iranian knowledge exchange in Tehran: 200 participants discuss river basin organizations [11.03.2016]


How can river basin management be institutionalized in Iran? And which countries and approaches can be used as good examples? At the "Workshop on River Basin Management and River Basin Organizations” held on the 5th and 6th of March in Tehran, around 200 German and Iranian experts exchanged views on these issues....more

"Refugee! Heroine! My Mother!” – A poetic reflection on International Women’s Day [08.03.2016]

© Safaa Mohajeri

All human beings build their life upon the foundations provided by their parents. On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, inter 3 researcher Safaa Mohajeri reminds herself and us of her mother’s path of life. Saliha Halima El-Hussein, née Omar, saved herself and her eight children from the civil war in Lebanon and offered them a happy life....more