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Up to date: on the occasion of the Science Year 2015 opening, news broadcast "Tagesschau” reports on the ROOF WATER-FARM project [25.02.2015]

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The Science Year 2015 which was opened last week focuses on the City of the Future – reason enough for ARD to report on ROOF WATER-FARM. In this research project, concepts for urban agriculture and innovative infrastructure systems are developed with the participation of inter 3 - high above the rooftops of Berlin....more

Research on the ground: Innovation Groups for Sustainable Land Management [21.01.2015]

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Land is a vital and increasingly scarce resource. BMBF provides funding for nine innovation groups which develop trend-setting and feasible solutions for a sustainable land management by 2020. inter 3 and ZALF are jointly responsible for their scientific coordination and advice....more

Network on energy efficient water industry (NEW) opens up new business areas [09.01.2015]

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Funded by the Central Innovation Program SME (ZIM) the Netzwerk Energieeffiziente Wasserwirtschaft NEW has now been launched. The network wants to open up new business segments for the municipal water sector by developing innovative products for an intelligent load management....more

Interactions between energy and water sector – EsiTI seminar on March 3rd, 2015 [07.01.2015]


How can wastewater treatment plants become players in the energy sector? This question will be discussed at the seminar "Treatment of sewage water and sludge in the focus of the energy sector of the future” on March 3rd, 2015 in Darmstadt. ...more

BBSR publishes results of the project "How can municipalities become attractive for highly qualified immigrants?” [10.12.2014]

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The results of the research project "How can municipalities become attractive for highly qualified immigrants?” have been published as online publication by BBSR. inter 3 analyzed promising instruments of urban construction and development politics in eight municipalities and developed recommended courses of action for municipal immigration policy....more

"Immigration is a major field of activity": inter 3 presents project results at the annual conference for business promoters in Stuttgart [04.12.2014]

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David Westenberg, inter 3, highlighted the importance of immigration for securing skilled workers at the 22nd annual conference for business development in Baden-Württemberg. This year’s motto was "New field of activity for business promoters through globalization, technological change and demographic developments”....more

Project start: WelKMU – Highly qualified migrants for small and medium enterprises [01.12.2014]

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Diversity, internationalization and competitiveness are the key words of our new 3-year project which will deal with the question how highly qualified migrants can be successfully acquired as skilled workers for SMEs....more