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Innovation Groups for Sustainable Land Management - BMBF - Innovation Management - Accompanying Research [14.02.2019]

Final Conference and Publication "Innovation Groups for Sustainable Land Management"

On 14 and 15 February 2019, around 150 participants met for the final conference of the BMBF funding priority "Innovation Groups for Sustainable Land Management" in Berlin. Central results and innovative concepts of the projects were presented. How these new solutions can complement and change day-to-day work is illustrated in the volume of project results "Nachhaltige Landnutzung managen".

The nine nationwide innovation groups were scientifically supported by inter 3 and the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF).

The innovation groups have developed solutions for more effective cooperation between urban and rural areas, for example with a public services atlas, or for sustainable options for regional value creation such as agroforestry systems, agro-photovoltaics or 'regional branding'. Such new forms of co-productive land management help to manage the scarce land resources more sustainably. This also applies to concepts for resolving land use conflicts, which show how the ideas of different land users can be better reconciled. Other projects reported on their successes and experiences in taking a decisive step towards regional energy system transformation with dialogue processes and pilot projects.

In addition, the research groups presented methods that help to shape innovation processes in cooperation between science and practice - and to integrate them effectively into real decision-making and work processes. It is important and central to the success of the innovation groups that the transfer of their solutions into practice is already taken into consideration during the research process and that preparations are made for how the project is to continue after it ends.

At the conference, inter 3 presented a new book entitled "Nachhaltige Landnutzung managen. Akteure beteiligen, Ideen entwickeln, Konflikte lösen", the results volume of the funding priority. It contains experience-based, action-oriented and inspiring contributions from the nine innovation groups on how sustainable land management can become socially effective. An additional handbook on innovation management in sustainable land management is currently being prepared.

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