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Constellation Analysis - interdisciplinarity - transdisciplinarity - innovation research [19.05.2016]

The Constellation Analysis as a bridging concept

Innovation research has long been dominated by two theory-method-bundles which only deal with a rather small section of this wide research area. The editors of the HSR special issue aim at overcoming this "extreme self-constraint”. In their contribution inter 3 director Susanne Schön and Dörte Ohlhorst present the analytical and creative power of the inter- and transdisciplinary constellation analysis approach.

Using two examples they describe how the constellation analysis works, its potential and limits. It is an excellent tool to understand manifold elements, relations and developments of innovation processes with so called innovation biographies. Comparing different innovation biographies reveal phases and archetypes, effects of steering and other interventions can be observed. These insights, again, are valuable for the design of innovation processes. With its mapping method, the constellation analysis allows for visualizing envisaged directions of development and for shaping innovation processes in a proactive and systematic way.

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Example of a constellation analysis