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Sustainable regional development - forestry - agriculture - energy system transformation - urban-rural relations - innovation management - VorAB - BMBF project [17.03.2020]

Fair and resilient resource relations between town and country - "VorAb" project launched

How can avant-gardists in the forestry, agriculture and energy sectors contribute to a fairer and more resilient relationship between town and country and to sustainable regional development? This is what inter 3 is investigating together with a team of scientific and practical partners in the BMBF-funded project "Acting precautionary. Avant-garde Bridge Approaches for Sustainable Regional Development" (VorAB) using the example of the Lübeck region.

The project started with an excursion to the sustainably managed Lübeck city forest and to the biodynamic agricultural enterprise Domäne Fredeburg to explore the regional urban-rural conditions. In the further course of the project, VorAB is investigating possibilities for co-determination and co-determination, nature and cultural understanding, profit and loss as well as benefit and cost distributions in the urban-rural relationships.

The aim is to support regional actors in the development of fair and resilient urban-rural relationships. inter 3 is responsible for transdisciplinary innovation management and is working out an action plan for the region together with the project team and other regional partners. The concrete projects for a fairer and more resilient urban-rural relationship are to be implemented in the second funding phase (years 4-5).