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NEW – energy efficient water industry network – Central Innovation Program SME - ZIM – BMWi project - Electricity Balancing Market [19.01.2016]

Developing flexibility and networks: Company network links water industry and Electricity Balancing Market

On 15 January 2016 in Berlin, the members of the NEW energy efficient water industry network discussed the results and achievements of the cooperation so far. Together with potential new network partners and two associated research institutes the goals of the second project phase that is to start in March were defined.

Developing flexibility and networks or: How the Electricity Balancing Market can be used by water industry

The main objective of the company network is to open up Electricity Balancing and Spot Markets for municipal water industries by developing system solutions. At the network meeting, old and potential new partners discussed the technological roadmap for developing necessary products and services.

Along the entire value chain – from water collection, treatment and supply to power generation – potentials for more flexible systems shall be discovered, linked and brought to the market. Initial R&D projects are expected to start in April.