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German Water Partnership – GWP – Iran – water industry – IFAT 2016 - BMUB [08.06.2016]

IFAT 2016: Iran‘s water industry gets ready for the future

Led by the vice energy minister Mahmoodi, an Iranian delegation visited IFAT 2016 in Munich from May 30th to June 1st. The water and wastewater experts informed themselves about the latest developments in the German water sector by visiting company stands and various events. Apart from vice minister Sattar Mahmoodi’s seven-people entourage, around 70 Iranian experts had come to Germany. inter 3 managing director and head of German Water Partnership’s (GWP) country section Iran, Dr. Mohajeri, accompanied the delegation.

Warming-up: German-Iranian GWP Workshop

GWP had organized a German Iranian workshop for warming up. At this event, possibilities for cooperation in the fields of sewer rehabilitation, water supply and wastewater treatment in rural areas, and shareholding in water and wastewater companies were discussed. Especially the general directors of three companies from different Iranian provinces had been invited to present their ideas. After the presentations the participants used the opportunity for face time.

High-level meeting: Country Special Iran

The fair’s Tuesday finished with a Country Special Iran. This was a high-level event: keynote speakers were the State Secretary of the German Environmental Ministry (BMUB), Mr. Gunther Adler, and the Iranian Vice Minister Sattar Mahmoodi. Martin Kalhöfer, director Africa and Middle East at German Trade and Invest talked about opportunities, challenges and conditions for future bilateral cooperation.

Apart from moderating the event, Dr. Mohajeri held a presentation on "Change of perspective – shaping the future”. He outlined a well-received idea of an overtaking development strategy for the Iranian water industry: rather than following the current German technological state-of-the-art Iran should now invest in innovative technologies that will be implemented in Germany in future renovation courses. In this regard, decentralized small wastewater treatment plants are of particular interest for Iran.

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