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Innovation coaching – BMBF - socio-ecological research – transformation – transdisciplinarity - social change - coaching and mentoring of transdisciplinary collaboration [29.02.2016]

Innovation coaching for sustainable land management – second round kicks off

Since January 2015, inter 3 has been coaching nine transdisciplinary research teams that create and implement concepts for innovative and sustainable land-use management. The so-called innovation groups are funded and supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for dealing with socio-ecological issues. inter 3 coordinates the accompanying research project.

The second project phase starts with a roundup of last year’s developments of each project to determine the status quo (if necessary, inter 3 supports the groups by mapping their goals too). By using the constellation analysis technique, we map the most relevant elements (e.g. actors, technical artifacts, discourses) to harmonize the researchers’ and practitioners’ perspectives and interests as well as to create consensus on their common sphere of activity. This allows the teams to concentrate on their technical objectives. Especially the practitioners benefit from a better role perception and more realistic expectations towards the project.

inter 3 also provides support in strategic planning and in solving specific problems concerning transdisciplinary innovation management. The coaching concentrates on:

  • systematic external feedback on strategy concepts and transfer guidelines,
  • opportunities and perspectives to ensure the implementation of project findings into social and cognitive structures,
  • the transferability of problem-solving approaches, and
  • alternative ways to provide stakeholders with interim results.

The aim of inter 3 is to improve the teams’ abilities to work on sustainable land management issues in a stringent and concentrated manner, while keeping in mind the future implementation and transfer of their developed solutions.

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