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WATEX 2017 - Kashan - MoU - IWRM Zayandeh Rud [02.11.2017]

Smart Water Networks: MoU signed for German-Iranian cooperation

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the cooperation between Kashan Water and Wastewater (KWWC) Company of Iran and inter 3 has just been signed on the fringe of the 13th International Water and Wastewater Exhibition (WATEX 2017, Tehran). The goal of this cooperation is a study on smart and intelligent water distribution networks and their efficient management. This shall result in a comprehensive plan for implementing smart water distribution systems in Iran.

Managing director of KWWC, Mohammad Reza Asadi, said: "The purpose of this project is to demonstrate the possibility of an integrated and optimized operation of drinking water supply both within the pilot zone, the water distribution network of the city of Ghamsar, and in Kashan city. This will presumably increase the level of services, reduce costs and prevent water wastes. Controlling the consumption and monitoring the quality indicators of water are considered as well, which will be done for the first time in Iran.”

Asadi added: "By completing studies and installing related equipment, intelligent water management will be provided. The installation of intelligent meters is another benefit of the project, which will replace the existing, old water meters. Another feature of this water quality control scheme is that in case of water pollution, the sensors of this system will automatically interrupt the water flow without human intervention.”

Dr. Mohajeri, inter 3 Managing Director, said: "Water resources scarcity in Iran increases the importance of efficient drinking water resource use and management. Following the Water 4.0 approach intelligent water meters can contribute to this. The case study is carried out to test and assess this contribution.”

The MoU marks the continuation of the DEMAPLAN pilot project in which a software toolbox for drinking water consumption management has been successfully tested.

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