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Integrated Water Resources Management Zayandeh Rud – IWRM – Isfahan – Young Cities – Renewable Energies – German-Iranian cooperation - BMUB – BMBF [17.07.2017]

inter 3 at the Iran Week 2017

Not only for German businesses, but also for scientists Iran has become an increasingly attractive partner. Yet, how to establish successful cooperation between the two countries? How to connect competencies, expectations and goals? How to find suitable partners and financing? The Iran Week 2017, organized by the Technical University of Dresden from July 10 to 14, tried to find answers to these questions. The main scientific focus was on renewable energies.

Lena Horlemann provided insights from various projects inter 3 has carried out in and with Iran. As coordinator of the IWRM Zayandeh Rud project she has a lot of experience regarding opportunities and challenges connected with bilateral cooperation projects.

At the "Ideenstudio” ("Concept Studio”), a session on funding opportunities and successful management of German-Iranian research projects Lena Horlemann presented some of the projects and the reasons for success. In the following panel discussion she discussed with Dr. Ansari from IMW Fraunhofer Center, Dr. Schneider from DFG, Prof. Javadi from Tehran University and Dr. Didero from Humboldt Foundation. Around 300 participants were also invited to take part in the dynamic debate.

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