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German Water Partnership – GWP – Iran – German-Iranian Cooperation – DEMAPLAN - Smart Infrastructure Systems - Sustainable Wastewater Treatment [10.11.2015]

inter 3 at the 1st Iranian-German Water Partnership Day 2015 in Tehran

In Iran’s water sector, German advanced technology is in great demand. The list of participants of the 1st Iranian GWP-Day on 9 November 2015 therefore reads like a who’s who of Germany’s and Iran’s water industry. High-ranking Iranian officials like the Minister of Energy, Chitchian, and Vice Minister Mahmoodi were among the around 400 participants. 20 German GWP members had come to Iran, like Siemens, Bilfinger or WILO. inter 3 presented its demand-responding infrastructure planning software DEMPLAN.

At this event the long and steady cooperation between Iran and Germany – particularly German Water Partnership (GWP) and its Iran section led by inter 3 managing director Dr. Shahrooz Mohajeri – paid off. Due to the great feedback, the 2nd Iranian GWP Day was announced to take place in 2016.

The latest political and economic development in Iran has led, amongst others, to the re-introduction of the German-Iranian Economic Commission with GWP participation. Recently, the 11th International Water & Wastewater Exhibition in October revealed that numerous international water technology companies are in the starting blocks to enter the Iranian market. Here, GWP and its members can make use of their competitive advantage.

A delegation trip of the German Environmental Ministry (BMUB) headed by State Secretary Gunther Adler in early October had given the reason to organize the 1. Iranian-GWP-Day. In cooperation with the Iranian National Water and Wastewater Co. two main topics had been identified: smart infrastructure systems and sustainable wastewater treatment.

The DEMAPLAN software toolbox, developed by inter 3, hits this mark, as it offers solutions for a demand-oriented household water consumption management. The software is currently tested at different sites in Iran.

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Iran's Energy Minister Chitchian © GWP

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