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NEW - energy efficient water industry network - Central Innovation Program SME - ZIM – BMWi project - electricity balancing market [09.01.2015]

Network on energy efficient water industry (NEW) opens up new business areas

Funded by the Central Innovation Program SME (ZIM) the Netzwerk Energieeffiziente Wasserwirtschaft NEW has now been launched. The network includes companies, associations and research institutes and aims at opening up new business segments for the municipal water sector by developing innovative products for an intelligent load management. The 2012 regulation on interruptible loads (German abbreviation: AbLaV) provides the basis for this approach, as energy intense companies can now convert their load shift capacities into cash at the Electricity Balancing Market.

The entire value added chain - from transmission system operators to water companies and customers – is taken into account when developing new infrastructure, information and communication technologies, services and business models. In addition to exclusive networking, NEW provides its members with a broad range of services from market analyses to PR. inter 3 as long standing and well connected partner of the water sector coordinates the network.