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water infrastructure – resource management – Iran – Brochure – DEMAPLAN demand-oriented management and planning - BMBF-Project [26.06.2017]

New brochure presents DEMAPLAN software toolbox

In countries such as Iran, climatic conditions vary from region to region. Thus, water consumption patterns vary as well. DEMAPLAN offers the unique opportunity for management to study their customer's water use habits and restructure supply strategies accordingly. This makes business activities not only more sustainable, but also more efficient. The DEMAPLAN brochure contains technical explanations of the system, as well as a thoroughly documented case study in the city of Kashan, Iran.

Water consumption patterns are not unitary, but just as heterogeneous as the climatic conditions under which people live in. While water suppliers know their own infrastructure very well, they often lack detailed information on exactly these consumption patterns. This means that there is little or no information on sanitary technology, attitudes and usage habits. This situation has made it nearly impossible to identify saving potentials or to develop feasible management strategies for optimizing infrastructure.

DEMAPLAN is a conglomerate of services consisting of software tools and technologies that analyze individual consumption patterns. Water supply companies are enabled to gather information on all relevant factors of water demand in their region. This makes it possible to estimate, prepare and adjust for the future. The brochure demonstrates how DEMAPLAN works: Detailed flow rate protocols and measuring technology, distribution of consumption, household reports in monthly and diurnal variations and more.

Furthermore, DEMAPLAN is committed to understand consumption patterns, which is why customer dialogue has a very important role. inter 3 successfully applied a DEMAPLAN study in Kashan, Iran, used a sample of around 40 households and worked closely with experts from the region. inter 3 left Kashan with two important messages:

  • Information campaigns strengthen changes in consumption mentality
  • Take new household structures into consideration

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