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Wastewater treatment plant - Energy Transition - service provider - flexibility - energy consumption , storage, production - ESiTI [20.03.2015]

Experts wanted: Defining criteria for system variations for the energetic optimization of wastewater treatment plants

An ESiTI seminar on "Sewage and Sludge Treatment in the Focus of the Future Energy Market” took place on the 3rd of March 2015 in Darmstadt (Hesse). More than 100 participants from the water and energy sector, public institutions and research took part. As part of this seminar Dr. Till Ansmann and Axel Dierich from inter 3 conducted a workshop where reputable experts defined a number of assessment criteria for a decision support tool.

Under the heading "Assessing sewage sludge treatment and utilization in an area of tension between energy production and consumption” 12 representatives of the relevant stakeholder groups – ranging from sewage plant operators to associations and scientists – discussed the different technologies. The assessment criteria in the fields of "technology”, "economic efficiency”, "political and legal context”, environmental and resource protection” and "societal benefits” will help to compare different system variations for the energetic optimization of wastewater treatment plants.

The 30 assessment criteria defined during the workshop are now to be prioritized and validated by a larger circle of 100-200 experts. At the end of this process a reliable and applicable set of criteria and respective measurement indicators will exist. It will provide the basis for a decision support tool "ESiTI” for the water sector in selecting the appropriate sludge treatment and utilization process in order to optimize energy production and consumption.

If you are an expert in water or energy feel free to contact Dr. Till Ansmann via e-mail or telephone to take part in the survey.

Tel.: +49(0)30 34 34 74 49

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