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Building-integrated farming – ROOF WATER-FARM – urban development – New Towns - Iran - Infrastructure [17.11.2017]

Grey Water Reuse: Iranian Delegation visits inter 3

A delegation from the Iranian Ministry of Roads & Urban Development visited inter 3 on November 17 to discuss possibilities for rain and grey water reuse in buildings. Hassan Ravanfar, member of the board of the national New Towns Company, and three of his colleagues from different Provinces, were interested in the results of the ROOF WATER-FARM project which were presented by Wolf Raber. Together with Dr. Mohajeri, managing director of inter 3, they discussed the possibilities for the application such technologies in Iran.

New Towns are satellite towns planned on the drawing board which have been constructed in Iran since the 1980s in response to rapid population growth. They are supposed to provide affordable accommodation for low-income families and mitigate the concentration on big cities. The New Town Hashtgerd west of Iran’s capital Tehran, for example, was planned to accommodate around 500.000 inhabitants.

One of the main challenges of planning such towns is the design of resource and energy efficient infrastructures. When it comes to reusing locally accrued resources like grey water, approaches like ROOF WATER-FARMs are of particular interest. In building-integrated farms rain and grey water are used for agricultural purposes and breeding fish, using modular wastewater technologies.

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