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SME – competitiveness – skilled labour – migration – Initiative Neue Qualität der Arbeit – INQA - "Welcome im KMU" - "Make it work!" [26.09.2017]

WelKMU: Project completion and presentation of new publications

The WelKMU project has focused on a target group that has become more and more attractive for German small and medium enterprises (SMEs) when it comes to recruitment: graduates with international background who studied in Germany. In order to bring them together with SMEs, WelKMU developed, tested and optimized various support, event and coaching formats which have now been published in the brochures "Make it work" und "Welcome im KMU".

Finding the perfect format: "Welcome im KMU"

The brochure "Welcome im KMU" presents five event and coaching formats for universities, job agencies, student organizations, chambers of commerce, initiatives that deal with skilled work force, or trade organizations. They can be used to bring together SMEs and international students – something that happens too rarely in spite of a lack of skilled labor in many regions and industries. It is a great opportunity for SMEs to break new ground with regards to recruiting and meeting manpower requirements.

Getting it started: "Make it work!"

The brochure "Make it work!" offers a helpful starter kit for international students and graduates that want to start a career in Germany. It also provides an ideal basis for consulting services and event organization. Both brochures are available as PDF on the WelKMU website Moreover, you can find concepts for event formats that can serve labor market actors in planning, organization and executing coaching and events.

We are part of it: inter 3 supports labor market quality

With the WelKMU project inter 3 supports the quality of work in Germany. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in the framework of the NEW QUALITY OF WORK INITIATIVE (INQA). With this initiative, economic associations and institutions, companies, trade unions, social security agencies, chambers of commerce and foundations and the government support a new, sustainable working culture – in the fields of HR management, health, know-how and competencies as well as equal opportunities and diversity. As an independent network INQA offers consulting and information for companies and administration, and various exchange platforms in – regional – corporate and industry networks. For further information visit