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Water - Export Initiative - GIZ - Jordan - Effectiveness - Environmental Technologies - WATSON [20.01.2022]

Impact analysis on the water export initiative in Jordan

In the water management funding area of ​​the export initiative, a total of 45 projects in 32 target countries have been funded since 2016, for example country studies, capacity development, feasibility studies, pilot and model projects and initial projects. What effects do these projects have – each individually and all together? The research association launched at the beginning of the year is investigating this question.

Identify success factors for export initiatives

The extremely arid Jordan is an important target country of the export initiative, which has supported 5 projects there since 2016. How helpful these were and what success factors can be derived from them will be researched until autumn 2022. The results are processed into recommendations for the BMUV as the funder and the companies involved.


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