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Overview of Projects:

Online knowledge transfer in urban development funding – who gets information and how?

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How can the valuable knowledge gained about urban development funding be made available to the addressees from municipalities, planning offices or civil society in the best possible way? inter 3 analyzes changes in reception behavior, gives recommendations for action for transfer formats adapted to them and prepares two current practical guidelines as examples that are suitable for online use....more

Water export initiative in Jordan: Effects and criteria for success

[Translate to English:] Staudamm in der Wüste Wadi Mujib in Jordanien

How can the BMU-funded projects in the water sector become even more effective? The consortium of TU Berlin, German Water Partnership and inter 3 is investigating this question using the example of Jordan....more

COMPAIR: Involving citizens in measuring air quality with sensor technology

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As part of the EU project COMPAIR, citizens use modern sensor technology to measure the local air quality. The aim is to raise awareness of air purity, motivate changes in behavior and integrate the results into official statistics. inter 3 is responsible for the Berlin Citizen Science project....more

Municipal water partnerships: Establishing a pool of operators for international cooperation

Municipal water and wastewater operators have the knowledge, skills and experience that are particularly needed in the countries of the global South. On behalf of the GIZ, inter 3 is conducting an analysis on the operator landscape in Germany, while also being responsible for establishing a pool of interested wastewater companies....more

From brackish to irrigation water: accessing new water resources

[Translate to English:] Landwirtschaftliche Bewässerung im Einzugsgebiet des Zayandeh Rud

The use of brackish water resources is becoming increasingly important for agricultural and industrial purposes in the Middle East. Improving current inefficient systems of brackish water exploitation is one of the ways to increase water availability in that region. To make this happen, the existing technological systems need to be further developed and enhanced. The HighRec project aims to develop and test brackish water desalination technologies with the purpose of reducing energy consumption and minimizing brine concentrate. In addition, the installation and operation of the new technology will be supported with e-learning courses and manuals....more

Digital professional development and networking: decentralized wastewater management in Iran

Decentralized wastewater treatment plants provide an important contribution to the building of the wastewater infrastructure in Iran’s rural areas. Together with ATB WATER, inter 3 is developing a digital LEARN HOUSE to provide further training offers for Iranian specialists....more

Bio-economy REVIER Rhineland: Initiating, accompanying and reflecting on transformation

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With its innovation management, inter 3 supports the Coordination Office of the Bio-economy Region Rhineland in the target- and effect-oriented monitoring of the structural change from a coal mining area to a bio-economy centre....more

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