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Overview of Projects:

Fair and resilient resource relations between urban and rural areas

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With the instruments of innovation management, inter 3 supports the development and implementation of fair and resilient urban-rural relationships around the Lübeck forest, agricultural and energy industries....more

IWRM Zayandeh Rud - Implementation Phase

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Iran faces enormous water management challenges and needs solutions, especially for the Zayandeh Rud River, which is threatened by water shortage. The third phase of the "IWRM Zayandeh Rud" project, the implementation phase, is now mainly concerned with the implementation of concrete measures, the foundations of which were developed in the first two project phases since 2010....more

Flexible Utility: Making urban supply infrastructures fit for climate change

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In the project, inter 3 and partners investigate how flexibility in the use of infrastructure services can reduce particularly high, short-term demand for services and how this supports climate-resilient urban development....more

Innovation Forum for SMEs: Sustainable Utility Partnerships 4.0

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At the heart of the Sustainable Utility Partnerships 4.0 project is the idea of opening up opportunities for German water and wastewater utility operators to become more involved internationally through the targeted development of "Water 4.0" technologies. ...more

Evaluation of the Mercator Science-Policy-Fellowship Programme

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In the Mercator Science Policy Fellowship Programme, executives from policy practice meet with high-ranking scientists*. inter 3 evaluates the achievement of the objectives of this dialogue-based exchange format....more

Accompanying study on interdisciplinary research on antimicrobial resistancesAccompanying study on interdisciplinary research on antimicrobial resistances

As part of the accompanying research of the Swiss NRP 72 funding programme on antimicrobial resistance, inter 3 conducted a quantitative study on the interdisciplinary collaboration of the research teams....more

Stadtsicherheit 3D: Strengthening perceived safety in public spaces

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The perception of personal safety in public spaces varies individually, however specific factors of urban design may limit or support it. Within the project "Stadtsicherheit 3D” ("urban security 3D”), inter 3 supports the development of a 3D planning tool by analyzing the context of its implementation....more

Case Studies