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Overview of Projects:

IWRM Zayandeh Rud

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Iran faces enormous challenges in water resources management and is in particular need of solutions for the Zayandeh Rud River that is endangered by water shortages. The second phase of the project that started as "IWRM in Isfahan" in 2010 and where approaches for an IWRM have been developed, will now focus on the design and implementation of actual technology and know-how transfer measures....more

From theory to practice: smoothening the way for land management innovations

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Land is a vital and increasingly scarce resource. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds nine innovation groups of researchers and experts that want to develop trend-setting and feasible solutions for a sustainable land management by 2020. Since January 2015, inter 3 and the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) are jointly responsible for their scientific coordination and advice....more

NEW Netzwerk Energieeffiziente Wasserwirtschaft

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Earning money with flexible energy consumption? The modern energy market is the key! The Netzwerk Energieeffiziente Wasserwirtschaft (energy efficient water industry network) NEW, coordinated by inter 3, brings together companies, associations and research institutions for developing approaches and products for a corporate load management in the public water sector....more

Addressing the shortage of qualified workers by employing highly skilled migrants

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The project "Highly Qualified Migrants for Small and Medium Enterprises" analyzes how small and medium enterprises (SME) can recruit migrants as young employees, using a three-fold strategy: by illustrating the advantage of employing highly qualified migrants for the company, by preparing highly qualified migrants for a career in an SME and by developing support tools for both sides....more

Wastewater treatment plants as service providers in the energy sector


In the course of the energy transition sewage treatment plants can serve as energy consumers, producers and storage and thus contribute to the load management of energy networks. Necessary technical approaches and planning tools are being developed by inter 3 and its partners using the example of the city of Darmstadt (Hessia)....more

"Menschen und Erfolge" (people and success stories) – contest of innovative ideas and projects in rural areas

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Rural areas in Germany face great challenges. Demographic change and the move-out of young people have negative impacts on services of general interest (SGI) and infrastructure in many parts of the country. Many people, however, commit themselves to the amenity of their home villages and towns in creative and innovative ways. The contest "Menschen und Erfolge" (people and success stories) awards a price to the best success stories....more

Models for a new rain water management concept in Hamburg


With the new nature-oriented concept of rain water management, RISA (RainInfraStructureAdaption), the City of Hamburg aims at preparing for future events of extreme rain. Technically speaking this is feasible, but the restructuring of organizations, operation and financing bears challenges....more

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