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Overview of Projects:

Securing skilled workers in rural areas: What municipalities can do.

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Securing a high quality and sufficient supply of skilled workers is a major concern for many companies in rural areas. But what can the role of municipalities be in this regard? How can they support companies? Using the examples of six regions in Germany, inter 3 examines the scope of action and actual activities of municipalities to secure skilled workers. ...more

ROOF WATER-FARM: Water resources for building-integrated agriculture

Roof-top greenhouse in Brooklin Grange, New York

The use of rain and sewage water as resources for urban agriculture and the testing of modular waste water technologies are the focuses of the research project ROOF WATER-FARM. Building-integrated farming makes productive use of waste water streams where they occur. As associated partner to the Technical University Berlin (TU), Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Nolde und Partner, TERRA URBANA and the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment, inter 3 investigates innovative value, potentials and feasibility of ROOF WATER-FARMs....more

DEMAPLAN: New software for demand-oriented infrastructure planning


Be it big city, little town or village: safe drinking water supply and waste water treatment are of major importance for citizens, economy and the environment. Within the DEMAPLAN research project inter 3 develops new software which can be used by water supply companies to adjust their pipes and water works to the trend of demand....more

Wells for potable water - Rehabilitation with German-Iranian expertise – inter 3 facilitates knowledge transfer

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Population growth and water scarcity threaten future drinking water supply of Iranians capital Teheran. German know-how and technology helps to face the challenge. Deep wells supplying approximately one third of Teheran population with water, require urgently modernization for robust water supply. The Iran-experienced inter 3 team, supports the "Teheran Water Production Wells – Well Remediation & Rehabilitation Project” with inter 3 expertise in sustainable water supply and wastewater disposal as well as intelligent infrastructure planning....more

Growth, resistance, wealth as dimensions of regional energy space policy

Wind farm Uebigau-Wahrenbrück

In Germany, the Energy Transition and the Renewable Energy Law have considerably increased the demand for facility spots and bio mass production in rural areas. It is now important for the municipalities to verify which renewable energies can best be produced on which grounds under technical, ecological, economical and acceptance-aspects. inter 3 is developing the necessary instruments together with local partners from three regions as well as the TU Berlin, the BTU Cottbus and the University of Anhalt....more

Fresh and safe? The intricate paths of salad

Fresh-Cut Fruit

"Fresh-cut” fruit and vegetables which are offered ready-to-eat - washed, cut and packed - have gone through a long processing. During that procedure, they can be infested by germs in many ways. As part of the research alliance "SAFEFRESH”, inter 3 is developing security scenarios in the context of new monitoring and sterilization processes for such fresh-cut food. ...more

How can municipalities become attractive for highly qualified immigrants?

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Research project of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), promoting immigration of skilled workers – strategies of urban development and construction – "welcoming culture” in municipalities...more

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