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Overview of Projects:

Integrated water resource management in Isfahan (Iran)

Brücke in Isfahan

Iran‘s second largest industrial region is suffering increasingly from the competition for water. Under the leadership of inter 3, a consortium of scientists and businesses is developing an implementable concept for sustainable integrated water resource management....more

Innovative Concepts for Water and Wastewater

Innovative Concepts for Water and Wastewater

Population shrinkage or rapid growth compromise the financial viability and proper functioning of centralised water and wastewater infrastructures. inter 3 analyses solution approaches and requirements for a favourable innovation climate....more

Potential for Renewable Energies in Iran and Opportunities for German-Iranian Cooperation

Windenergieanlage, © BMU

There is great potential for building up renewable energies in Iran and several strategic and entrepreneurial proposals exist, that can be enhanced to bring about successful German-Iranian cooperation....more

IFAT Entsorga exhibition and workshop for experts from the Iranian water sector

The world’s leading fair for environmental technologies, the IFAT Entsorga in Munich, offers a compact overview of technical innovations and management procedures of major German companies. In this context, inter 3 is developing and organising a delegation’s journey including an expert workshop. ...more

German-Iranian expert workshop at the National Conference on Water and Wastewater

To prepare for the IWRM activities in Iran, inter 3 develops an expert workshop in cooperation with professionals of the German water sector. Main topics are energy efficiency and consumption management in the catchment area of the river Zayandeh Rud....more

Constellation analysis to a sustainable tourism in Carinthia

Ansicht Wald Copyright: Wald, © H.-G. Oed, BMU

How can sustainable tourism in Carinthia be developed and promoted? In constellation analysis’s inter 3 visualizes constructive interaction, parallel and opposite work in politics, entities, strategic management and customers, to become a starting point for strategic activities for a sustainable development....more

Enhancement of public relations work by the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development’s (BBSR)

The Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) advises the Federal Government in the political fields of regional planning, housing and urban development. inter 3 is creating a new concept for the BBSR’s public image and public relations work aimed at the expert community, and is providing it with support in its implementation....more

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