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Overview of Projects:

Vocational training packages for resource efficient building and supply technologies

Mena – Countries (Middle-East and North Africa) set a high priority on efficient use of water resources and energy. The combination of resource efficient building and supply technologies are a precondition for the successful construction of future buildings. inter 3 supports the joint project "Water, Energy, Building – Training and Transfer” (WEB-TT) in the development and marketing of vocational training packages for Egypt. ...more

Urban Farming of the Future: ZFarm – Crops with zero acreage

Project Logo ZFarm - Zero Acreage Farming

New innovations in urban farming are currently becoming a trend worldwide – and also in Germany. In the context of the BMBF-Project "ZFarm. Innovation- and Technology Analysis Zero Acreage Farming" which started on January 1st, 2011, inter 3 is analysing opportunities for the inner-city cultivation of fruits and vegetables by using existing buildings....more

Capacity Development "made in Germany"

The German education and training in the water sector is seen as a model worldwide. inter 3 is offering decision makers of the Iranian water sector the opportunity to see for themselves at an expert workshop on Capacity Development which takes place at the exhibition "Wasser Berlin International”. ...more

Sustainable value-added chains for rural areas

How can water and energy infrastructures in rural areas be combined with one another so as to secure supply and disposal and at the same time contribute to regional value creation? inter 3 is investigating this question in two pilot regions. ...more

How Safe is the City? Safety Policy to meet Demands and Reality

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How can both objective and subjective safety be provided in the city? The research group, DynASS, shows ways in which public expectation and scope of action for municipalities can be integrated and agreed upon within a consistent safety policy....more

Integrated water resource management in Isfahan (Iran)

Brücke in Isfahan

Iran‘s second largest industrial region is suffering increasingly from the competition for water. Under the leadership of inter 3, a consortium of scientists and businesses is developing an implementable concept for sustainable integrated water resource management....more

Innovative Concepts for Water and Wastewater

Innovative Concepts for Water and Wastewater

Population shrinkage or rapid growth compromise the financial viability and proper functioning of centralised water and wastewater infrastructures. inter 3 analyses solution approaches and requirements for a favourable innovation climate....more

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