Institute for Resource Management
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Overview of Projects:

WATEX exhibition: German environmental technology and management concepts for the Iranian water sector

The leading fair of the Iranian water sector WATEX is annually taking place in the capital Tehran. inter 3 is signing responsible for the conceptual preparation, execution and follow-up of a delegation’s journey of several days for major companies of the German water sector....more

Berlin Infrastructure: better crisis management through simulation of crisis scenarios

Simkas „Simulation von intersektoriellen Kaskadeneffekten bei Ausfällen von Versorgungsinfrastrukturen unter Verwendung des virtuellen 3D-Stadtmodells von Berlin“

Supply infrastructures are linked together in a multitude of ways and, accordingly, crises trigger domino effects. inter 3, together with Berlin’s supply companies and further project partners, is developing scenarios and strategies for better crisis management....more

Planning with climate change: Adapting regional planning processes to the demands of climate change

dynaklim: Planen mit dem Klimawandel

Global climate change with its local repercussions presents regional planning with great challenges. dynaklim investigates the dynamic adaptation of regional planning and development processes to the consequences of climate change....more

Modern sewerage in Ahwaz: New build using microtunneling technology

The high building and traffic density in Ahwaz make it difficult to lay the urgently required new wastewater sewer. Microtunelling makes it possible to lay the sewers without digging trenches, thus causing no disruption to residents and traffic....more

Demographic transition shaped positively: Evaluation of the Saxony support programme "Demography"

How can the challenges of demographic transition in Saxony best be faced? inter 3 is developing a comparative analysis of all Saxon specialist support programmes relating to demographic transition....more

Training programme for personnel of the Tehran water companies

In order to prepare the employees of the Tehran water companies for future challenges in the water sector, inter 3 supports the successful implementation of new processes at the Tehran water companies with a tailor-made education and training programme....more

Young Cities: Energy efficient infrastructures for the metropolises of the future

How can the urban structures of the future be shaped in a resource-efficient and sustainable away? The joint project, "Young Cities", develops illustrative solution approaches for the growth centre, Teheran-Karaj. inter 3 is leading the "Urban Infrastructure Systems" section in which concepts for sustainable and energy-efficient infrastructure will be developed....more

Case Studies