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Water Energy Building Training and Transfer (WEB-TT) - water resource management - Capacity Development in Egypt

Vocational training packages for resource efficient building and supply technologies

Mena – Countries (Middle-East and North Africa) set a high priority on efficient use of water resources and energy. The combination of resource efficient building and supply technologies are a precondition for the successful construction of future buildings. inter 3 supports the joint project "Water, Energy, Building – Training and Transfer” (WEB-TT) in the development and marketing of vocational training packages for Egypt.

Objective: Technical vocational training for Egypt´s future

WEB-TT involves actors from High-Tech Industries, Scientific Institutions and Vocational Education Providers. Together they develop vocational training modules for sustainable technologies in the field of water, energy and building. Vocational training packages are developed, tested, evaluated and certified together with Egyptian partners in the pilot projct "Vocational Training and Education Center Haram City” near to Cairo. In order to distribute vocational training packages in Egypt and in the Mena-Region there is a need to develop a conclusive product and a coherent marketing concept. inter 3 is responsible for a target oriented product development, marketing and public relations.

Result: Vocational and further training for technicians and managers

The pilot project in Haram City will be evaluated, the training packages will be adjusted and the operation of the training center will be optimized in order to achieve self sufficiency. Experiences out of the project will be processed for exporting the vocational training packages to other Mena-Countries. Marketing and product development will also include the development of operation models for training centers. The project will support German High-Tech Companies and Vocational Education Providers in exporting their products and services by providing them with information and communication materials.

Project name:
WEB-TT Water-Energy-Building Training & Transfer


Tamara Nuñez von Voigt
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Mohamed Badran
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Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF)

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Location: Berlin

Duration: 2011 - 2014