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Compilation of a subsidy handbook for the members of the metals trade union

Improving support: Subsidies handbook for the non-ferrous metal industry

What are the subsidy options for the non-ferrous metal industry and where can subsidies for actual projects and companies be found. Commissioned by the metals trade union, inter 3 is compiling a systematic, user-friendly and practical handbook on support programmes for companies in the non-ferrous metal industry.

Objective: finding the best option more quickly – efficient support

The aim of the project is to give the metals trade union member companies quick access to a broad overview of the relevant support programmes. The handbook should give the member companies a wider range of options and thereby increase the metal union’s participation in the support programmes.

Results: Everything at a glance – the subsidy handbook

The subsidy handbook provides the union members with concrete information on regional, national and international support programmes. The most important information, such as directives and subsidy requirements, will be presented in a compact way. The support programmes will be classified in sectors to give the union and its members a quick overview of the potential subsidy options.

Project name:
Compilation of a subsidy handbook for the members of the metals trade union

Helke Wendt Schwarzburg
Tel.: +49(0)30 34 34 74 46

Metals Trade Union

Location: Berlin

Duration: 2006