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Bio-economy Region Rhineland - structural change - BMBF-Project - Transdisziplinary Innovation Management

Bio-economy REVIER Rhineland: Initiating, accompanying and reflecting on transformation

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The Bio-economy REVIER Rhineland has set itself ambitious goals. By 2035, it is to be transformed from a region that is particularly dependent on fossil fuels into an exemplary future region for a sustainable bio-economy. The structural change poses great challenges, but at the same time the region can build on strengths in energy and agriculture and the interlinking of research and business. In 15 innovation labs, new added value and jobs are to be created in a cross-sectoral circular economy that includes agriculture, food and energy as well as the chemical, paper and textile industries.

inter 3 supports the coordination office at Forschungszentrum Jülich until mid 2021 in the goal- and impact-oriented monitoring of the fundamental transformation process in the bio-economy REVIER. The targeted view from outside helps to consistently orient regional innovation management towards innovation dynamics, to make the solutions for structural change developed in the innovation labs fruitful and to bring useful impulses from outside into the region. The findings are summarized in an innovation concept and the central steps for the next transformation phase are described.

The whole picture: Developing and initiating innovation processes

As a rule, transformation processes towards sustainability require the cooperation of a large number of different actors and institutions, some of them with different wills. In order to set innovation processes in motion and keep them running, it is necessary to consider and initiate the big picture and the concrete, the right thing to do in the medium and long term and the feasible and visible things in the short term. With the help of starting and target constellations, we work together to determine what an optimal match between regional problems and available contributions to solving them can look like in the bio-economy area. Within the framework of innovation coaching, roadmaps for the exploitation of their solutions are developed with the scientists in the innovation labs. These help them to align themselves at an early stage to the actual regional needs and the strategically wise placement of their solution in the regional innovation process.

Transformation means constant hard work

Innovations seldom spread just like that - which is why it is important to consistently pursue problem solving in the local R&D process and at the same time look beyond one's own region in a targeted manner. inter 3 develops a search grid for useful supra-regional concepts and practices in close cooperation with the coordination office and provides impulses for meaningful networking and transfer activities. The results on the regional transformation constellation, the project-related innovation coaching and meaningful transfer activities are summarised in an innovation concept. It outlines the next stage of structural change and bindingly defines upcoming activities in the action plan.

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Transdisciplinary innovation management: Innovation management services for targeted innovation processes in the bio-economyREVIER (InnoManage)


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