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Water export initiative in Jordan: Effects and criteria for success

[Translate to English:] Staudamm in der Wüste Wadi Mujib in Jordanien

The aim of the BMUV's export initiative for environmental technologies is to promote the international dissemination of state-of-the-art environmental technologies "Made in Germany" and thus contribute to sustainable development and better living conditions in the target countries.

In the water management funding area of ​​the export initiative, a total of 45 projects in 32 target countries have been funded since 2016, for example country studies, capacity development, feasibility studies, pilot and model projects and initial projects. What effects do these projects have – each individually and all together? The research association is investigating this question.

Helpful support for arid Jordan?

Jordan is one of the most arid countries in the world. The extreme scarcity of water is a heavy burden on Jordan and is one of the biggest obstacles to sustainable and economic development. Jordan is therefore an important target country as part of the export initiative: a total of five water management projects have been funded there since 2016. What are the effects of these projects? How do they intertwine? How can their effects possibly be increased or made more sustainable? An in-depth analysis of the Jordanian projects should provide answers. inter 3 designs the methodical procedure for this effectiveness analysis and evaluates the data.

Knowing the success factors and leveraging synergy potential

This effectiveness analysis aims at a better understanding of the essential success criteria for a successful and sustainable export of German environmental technologies. The "lessons learned" are prepared for two target groups: On the one hand for the exporting German companies for a more effective design of their projects, and on the other hand for the BMUV as a funder for the creation of the most favorable framework conditions and structures.


Project name:

Analysis of the effectiveness of the projects of the Water Technologies Export Initiative in Jordan in the field of water management (WATSON)


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Federal Ministry fort he Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection

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Technische Universität Berlin  German Water Partnership




01 - 09/2022