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Sustainably operating with water resources – Capacity Development for the Iranian water sector - water resource management

Training programme for personnel of the Tehran water companies

The solving of future water and wastewater related problems of Tehran Province requires a quick realisation of modern management strategies and introduction of new technologies. With an education and training programme modeled according to the specific needs of the employees, inter 3- assigned by p2m - fosters the successful implementation of new processes at the Tehran water companies.

From concept to evaluation: Country-specific, one-stop training modules

inter 3 holds responsible for the conception, organisation and performance of training programmes, including the search for experts and the choice of speakers as well as the evaluation of the training modules which is focusing on specific target groups. The inter 3 team is designing specifically modeled training concepts according to needs of companies and participants for the focal points of activity: project financing, well management, micro tunneling and de-central sewage disposal. Small groups of participants from the management level of the regional water and wastewater companies are being trained intensively in three one-week practical modules in Germany. They are introduced to different possibilities and procedures during field trips and demonstrations. A permanent assistance through translation of native-speakers enables an interactive training and supports actively the dialogue between participants and instructors. In a compact seminar in Tehran, the subjects are subsequently theoretically processed and transferred to the specific conditions in Iran. This module is performed as a big event of 450 participants, as such reaching a large number of multipliers and disseminators for the implementation in Iran.

Result: Tailor-made trainings for different target groups

In close consultations with the client and the management of the Tehran water companies, inter 3 is putting into effect an education and training programme which is approved of and very well made use of by the different companies and participants from management levels. This is demonstrated among others in the successful usage of micro-tunneling-processes and the intensified collaboration with German companies. The specific competence in Capacity Development of the inter 3 team is the linking of the didactic as well as water management expertise with the excellent knowledge of the language and the country.

Project name:
Fortbildungsprogramm für Personal der Teheraner Wasserbetriebe

Dipl.-Ing. Tamara Nuñez von Voigt
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p2m berlin GmbH

Location: Berlin

Duration: 2008 - 2009