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Research project of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research for the promotion of equal opportunities: "Professional self-organisation of highly qualified female migrants on their way to the top”

Women to the top: Career support for highly qualified migrant women

It is not easy for highly skilled female migrants to be professionally successful. In the project "professional self-organisation of highly qualified migrant women on their way to the top”, inter 3 examines the factors supporting careers and those providing structures and infrastructures necessary for successful professional self-organisation of the target group. The project is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research.

Aim: Activating social innovation potential – supporting skilled migrant women

Improved career opportunities could lead to a much higher rate of qualified migrant women in top positions in sciences, politics and business in Germany. Core goals of the project are the development of strategies and recommendations for structures necessary for the realisation of professional self-organisation of the target group. The project explores gender- and migrant women-specific career-supporting factors as well as success factors for the identification of potentials for organisation development. Exceeding the primary aim, the project intends to activate innovation potential and counter the lack of highly skilled workforce in Germany.

Result: Strategies for career-supporting self-organisation of highly skilled young migrant women

The result of the research is the definition of strategic approaches and starting points for a career-supporting self-organisation of the target group. At first, the research team is screening and analyzing migrant organisations in France, UK, Germany and Berlin in particular. Following is an analysis of the need for support of the women involved and of relevant support factors from the scientific perspective. In the next step, the researchers are identifying and substantiating strategic starting points for the advancement of the migrant women self-organisations. For the self-organisations in Berlin, the team is elaborating which elements of organisation development can be used more intensively to support migrant women concertedly. The results are then being presented in a final conference and further optimised. Finally, the inter 3 team is establishing an exemplary career-supporting self-organisation with selected active migrant women to secure the sustainability of the project.

Project name:
Women to the top: Career support for highly qualified migrant women (FKZ: 01FP1173)


Dr. Susanne Schön
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Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Dr. Czarina Wilpert
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Location: Germany, England, France

Duration: 2011 - 2012