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German-Iranian cooperation in the water sector – Capacity Development as a result of cooperation - water resource management

IFAT Entsorga exhibition and workshop for experts from the Iranian water sector

The biennial IFAT Entsorga, the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies, is offering members of the water sector worldwide the chance to get informed about innovative technical solutions in Munich. Assigned by German Water Partnership, inter 3 is developing and organising a programme for the visit of a high-ranking delegation of 10 decision makers from Iran to the IFAT Entsorga, including an expert workshop with representatives of the German water industry.

Aim: Short ways and compact information for decision makers

The specifically designed visit of the IFAT Entsorga fair is offering the Iranian guests from the energy and water ministry and from leaders of the National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company and the Tehran Water and Wastewater Company a compact overview of technical innovations and management procedures of the major German water companies. Subsequently, the one-day German-Iranian workshop, which has been prepared by inter 3, is providing an intensive exchange of delegation members with leading German experts of the water sector and representatives of important companies in Germany. This exchange will focus on the needs and the possibilities of future German-Iranian cooperation in the fields of upgrading and automation of water plants, consumption management, ppp-models or de-central wastewater disposal. A round-trip including company visits and background talks in the states of Bavaria, Brandenburg and in the capital Berlin will complete the programme.

Result: Identification of key projects for German-Iranian cooperation in the water sector

As a result of the 7-day-journey, the key projects to be tackled for the future German-Iranian cooperation have been identified. Among those are the modernisation of the water supply system, the reduction of the water loss rates of the water pipe net and finally the introduction of a modern consumption management. By the specifically modeled programme, the intensive support of the delegation and the provision of round the clock translation of all programme parts as well as talks in Farsi and German, inter 3 is contributing to design the professional and personal contacts in an ideal way.

Project name:
Expert workshop at the IFAT 2010

Dr. Shahrooz Mohajeri
Tel.: +49(0)30 34 34 74 40

German Water Partnership e.V.

Location: Munich

Duration: 2010