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Iran: Consultancy service for the construction and operation of a wastewater treatment plant in Ahwaz East - a new wastewater treatment plant for a growth region

Iran: New build of the wastewater treatment plant in Ahwaz East

Ahwaz currently has almost one million inhabitants. This number is predicted to rise to around 2.2 million in the next 20 years. The existing infrastructure can barely cope with the current population let alone the expected increase. Untreated wastewater is at this time polluting the River Karun and causing ecological and sanitary problems in the city as well as in the whole region.

Objective: To treat the wastewater according to international standards

A wastewater treatment plant with primary, secondary – only for nitrogen breakdown – and tertiary treatment in two modules is to be built in Ahwaz by 2011. The treatment plant has been sized for a total capacity of 112.000 m3/day and is able to treat the wastewater from around 400.000 inhabitants conform to international standards. Each module will incorporate primary treatment, an treatment step based on activated sludge process, secondary sedimentation, and sludge treatment.

Approach: Wastewater disposal takes highest priority

The treatment plant will be constructed in line with the BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) Procedure. The contract is based on the Design-Build-Operate principle and includes an operation and maintenance period of around a year. The tasks include checking the feasibility study and the pre-design as well as preparing the call to tender for the construction and checking the detailed design programme of works. Finally, the construction and commissioning of the treatment plant will be supervised.

Project name:

Consultancy service for the construction and operation of a wastewater treatment plant in Ahwaz East.


Dr. Shahrooz Mohajeri
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Location: Berlin/Ahwaz (Iran)

Duration: 2008 – 2011