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School goes Society: interactive learning at the Martin Buber High School – creation of an info pool for pupils on the environment and nature conservation: the natural resource "water "

Learning in the snowball system

The Martin Buber High School project, "School goes Society", funded by the Foundation for Education and Support of the Disabled GmbH, aims to build up an information pool on the environment and nature conservation. The first step is to carry out an illustrative study of the natural resource of "water”, an important part of this subject area. The prepared results will be passed onto a partner school which will further engage with this subject (snowball system). inter 3 is assisting the Martin Buber High School with the project start-up.

Approach: Active learning – pupil interviews on the resource "water"

Committed pupils at the Martin Buber High School are conducting interviews on the subject of water, using multimedia technologies. They are then writing these up and documenting them in the internet. Experienced teachers are supporting and guiding the pupils in this process.

Both prominent and "normal" people with varying backgrounds, lifestyles and professions are selected for interview. They are asked about their hopes, fears and activities in relation to "water”. The range of interviewees as well as the internationality of the project (made possible through the internet) highlights the differences in opinion. This can contribute to forming a better understanding of differing points of view.

Project name:
School goes Society

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