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Infrastructure development in Iran: New build of the sewerage system in Ahwaz using microtunneling technology – consultancy services in design, construction and operation

Modern sewerage in Ahwaz: New build using microtunneling technology

The wastewater infrastructure in the city of Ahwaz, in south western Iran, is currently undergoing fundamental modernisation. Along with the construction of the new treatment plant, Ahwaz-East, and the connected main pumping station (in the process of being built under the supervision of p2m berlin), the new build covers a large proportion of the Ahwaz sewerage system. inter 3 has been assigned by p2m berlin to manage the project in Iran and to coordinate the project partners.

Approach: Microtunneling – an innovative technology

Ahwaz is the capital of the oil-rich Iranian Province of Khuzestan and, with its population of one million, is one of Iran’s economic centres. The rapid economic and population growth have led to an overloading of the infrastructure. The wastewater system needs to be extended and modernised. Laying the new sewerage lines in open trenches is not possible in many parts of Ahwaz because of the high building and traffic density. Thus certain sections will be laid using the trench-free Microtunneling technology which will not cause disruption to residents, traffic and other services. The contract encompasses the laying of two trunk sewers with a combined length of approximately eight kilometres.

Project name:
Ahwaz (Iran) – Microtunneling-Project

Dr. Shahrooz Mohajeri
Phone: +49(0)30 34 34 74 40

p2m Berlin Ahwaz Water and Wastewater Company

Location: Berlin/Ahwaz (Iran)

Duration: 2009 – 2011