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Online knowledge transfer in urban development funding – who gets information and how?

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With urban development funding, the federal and state governments support municipalities in overcoming urban planning challenges and sustainable urban development. The valuable knowledge developed in the various programs is made available to the addressees of urban development funding via the website www.städtebaufö In addition to established transfer formats, such as transfer workshops and guidelines, digital knowledge transfer is to be strengthened in the future and the results processed accordingly.

Between oversaturation and impatience - information needs and information search on the Internet

inter 3 has been commissioned to develop recommendations for a digital modernization of the website and an online-compatible processing of knowledge for urban development promotion on the basis of current findings on the reception behavior when acquiring specialist knowledge. Here, proposals for the transfer formats event, guidelines, films and Toolbox and a theme-based rather than program-based accessibility of the information developed.

The recommendations for accessibility and processing of the results in various digital transfer formats are implemented as examples for two print guides and documented in two work aids for future contractors of the BBSR/BMWSB.

In two workshops, the concept for the online knowledge transfer will be made known to the employees involved in the implementation of the urban development funding.





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Wissenstransfer online Städtebauliche Begleitforschung


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