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Economically sustainable waste water disposal in rural regions experiencing shrinkage – options for action for the regional players

Sustainability of wastewater disposal

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© Rico Schönebeck /

Commissioned by the Office of the Municipality of Döbern-Land (District of Spree-Neiße), inter 3 is compiling a holistic report on the long term sustainability of waste water disposal in Döbern-Land. The municipality established the waste water undertaking before 2006 and with that created the client’s essential organisational requirements for economic refurbishment.

The supply area lies in a region which is strongly affected by decline in population and consumption. Furthermore, the legal and economically stable disposal of wastewater in the region is hindered through the various investment activities of the individual municipalities.

Approach: Analysing backgrounds – formulating alternative options for action

With this background inter 3 is analysing the alternatives available to the client for organising wastewater disposal along with water supply. Organisational, operational and technical solutions are evaluated by inter 3 with respect to their financial viability, their acceptance by the citizens, and there practicality in the region.

Objective: Handbook on sustainable wastewater concepts

The holistic report, as well as providing business management data and current wastewater disposal concepts, serves as a handbook for the responsible parties on the future shape of sustainable wastewater disposal in the Municipality of Döbern-Land.

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Sustainability of wastewater disposal


Helke Wendt Schwarzburg

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Municipality of Döbern-Land

Location: Berlin/District of Spree-Neiße

Duration: 2006