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Delegation’s journey for member companies of German Water Partnership to the Iran International Water and Wastewater Exhibition - water resource management

WATEX exhibition: German environmental technology and management concepts for the Iranian water sector

The Iran International Water and Wastewater Exhibition WATEX, the Iranian leading fair of the Iranian water sector, is anually taking place in Tehran. Roundabout 340 exhibitors from eight countries are presenting new technologies and solution concepts for the challenges of the regional water sector to the 10.000 Iranian visitors. For the WATEX 2010, inter 3 is assigned by German Water Partnership for the conceptual preparation, execution and follow-up of a delegation’s journey of several days for seven major companies of the German water sector. In addition to visits to the fair, the programme of the delegation’s journey includes an expert workshop with over 60 decision makers of the Iranian water sector as well as the viewing of different sewage plants and waterworks facilities of the Tehran region.

Aim: Targeted matchmaking of supply and demand

The WATEX fair provides companies of the German water sector with the direct contact to the protagonists of the Iranian water sector. Simultaneously, the WATEX is a platform to offer adapted and suitable technologies and solutions for the Iranian market. With the expert workshop specifically designed according to the Iranian interests, inter 3 is offering a forum for the discussion of contemporary and future challenges for the Iranian water and wastewater sectors in connection with possible approaches for solutions from Germany. At the centre of those are the needs and possibilities of future German-Iranian cooperations in the fields of micro-tunneling and wastewater technology. The German delegation has the opportunity to purposefully discuss technical innovations and management procedures as well as fields of application in Iran with decision makers of the Iranian water sector.

Result: German-Iranian cooperation in the fields of micro-tunneling and wastewater technology

In addition to the establishment of a network, the knowledge transfer and concrete common projects shall be in the focus of the future German-Iranian cooperation in the water and wastewater sector. Innovative wastewater technology and trenchless sewerage systems have been identified as key projects. inter 3 enables a goal-oriented German-Iranian exchange among experts round the clock through permanent assistance and translation into Farsi and German and due to its easy access to the relevant Iranian decision makers as well as to a profound knowledge of the current water-related situation in Iran.

Project name:
Workshop WATEX 2010

Dr. Shahrooz Mohajeri
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Teheran Water & Wastewater Company

Location: Teheran

Duration: 2010