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Debate on the future of the Federal Republic society: Development of politics and society – overview study on behalf of the Hans Böckler Foundation

The future of society and politics

© Gerd Altmann /

© Gerd Altmann /

The future of society in the Federal Republic of Germany has been the subject of a debate initiated and facilitated in 2001 by IG Metall, the country's trade union for the metal industry. In this context the Hans Böckler Foundation has commissioned scientific studies in the areas "the future of the trade union”, "the future of work”, "the future of the economy”, "the future of politics”, and "the future of society”. Within this, inter 3 is examining the scientific debates on "the future of politics” and "the future of society”.

Objective: Providing an overview of the debate - identifying topics, players and trends

The overviews provided in these studies identify, classify, and interpret the players, focal points, defining movements, and trends of the future in politics and society. The study on the future of politics treats political forms of regulation, government and governance, and network structures at the global, European and national levels. The scientific positions and trends relating to the future development of society focus firstly on the technology-induced social change to knowledge society and mobile society and secondly on the cultural change to civil society and multicultural society.

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The future of society and politics

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