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Innovation Forum for SMEs: Sustainable Utility Partnerships 4.0

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At the heart of the Sustainable Utility Partnerships 4.0 project is the idea of opening up opportunities for German water and wastewater utility operators to become more involved internationally through the targeted development of "Water 4.0" technologies. ...more

Research for preventing industrial microplastics emission

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The EmiStop project analyses methods and technologies for measuring and preventing microplastics emission from industrial wastewater into surface water. inter 3 structures and compares optimization strategies developed in the project and prepares recommendations for industrial users....more

Can a forest manage itself? Digital approaches for a public debate on Bioeconomy 4.0

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Using the example of digitization in forestry, inter 3 will set impulses for the social discourse on potentials and risks of bioeconomy. Communication and participation formats developed in this project are applicable far beyond the wood-based bioeconomy....more

Welcome perspectives - Migrants4Cities: Migrants design the sustainable city of the future in Mannheim

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How would migrants design a (more) sustainable city of Mannheim? Would the city benefit from intercultural perspectives? inter 3, the city of Mannheim and the TU Berlin create an urban design thinking process, focusing on the idea of a climate-friendly and livable city....more

Caring Economy: Transformations of economics and politics

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Plural economy and heterodox economics, critical and feminist economists – these approaches and networks have attracted increased attention not least since the financial crisis. On behalf of the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, inter 3 will pursue the issue if and to what extent such approaches and networks have transformation potential towards a more sustainable development. The survey is part of the BMBF funded project "Caring Economy. Transformations in economy and politics”....more

From theory to practice: smoothening the way for land management innovations

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Land is a vital and increasingly scarce resource. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds nine innovation groups of researchers and experts that want to develop trend-setting and feasible solutions for a sustainable land management by 2020. Since January 2015, inter 3 and the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) are jointly responsible for their scientific coordination and advice....more

NEW Netzwerk Energieeffiziente Wasserwirtschaft

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Earning money with flexible energy consumption? The modern energy market is the key! The Netzwerk Energieeffiziente Wasserwirtschaft (energy efficient water industry network) NEW, coordinated by inter 3, brings together companies, associations and research institutions for developing approaches and products for a corporate load management in the public water sector....more

"Menschen und Erfolge" (people and success stories) – contest of innovative ideas and projects in rural areas

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Rural areas in Germany face great challenges. Demographic change and the move-out of young people have negative impacts on services of general interest (SGI) and infrastructure in many parts of the country. Many people, however, commit themselves to the amenity of their home villages and towns in creative and innovative ways. The contest "Menschen und Erfolge" (people and success stories) awards a price to the best success stories....more

Women to the top: Career support for highly qualified migrant women

It is not easy for highly skilled migrant women to be professionally successful. This is true for young women even when the first steps of their careers have been successfully taken. inter 3 is exploring the career-supporting factors in the project: "Professional self-organisation of highly qualified migrant women on their way to the top” which has started in October 2011....more

Vocational training packages for resource efficient building and supply technologies

Mena – Countries (Middle-East and North Africa) set a high priority on efficient use of water resources and energy. The combination of resource efficient building and supply technologies are a precondition for the successful construction of future buildings. inter 3 supports the joint project "Water, Energy, Building – Training and Transfer” (WEB-TT) in the development and marketing of vocational training packages for Egypt. ...more

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