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Besalatpour, A. (2019):
Ayoubi, S. / Z. Feizi / M.R. Mosaddeghi / A.A. Besalatpour (2019) Investigating the Effect of Buckling Soils, Bentonite Clay and Polyvinyl Acetate Polymer on Some Physical and Mechanical Properties of Deposited Sediments. Agricultural Engineering (Journal of Agricultural Science), 41: 83-97.


Schön, S. Eismann, C. Wendt-Schwarzburg, H. (2019):
Schön, S. / Eismann, C. / Wendt-Schwarzburg, H. / Ansmann, T. (Eds.) (2019): Nachhaltige Landnutzung managen. Akteure beteiligen - Ideen entwickeln - Konflikte lösen. Bielefeld 2019. DOI: 10.3278/6004699w...more


Besalatpour, A. (2019):
Amiri, F. / H. Shirani / I. Esfandiarpour / A. A. Besalatpour / H. Shekofteh (2019) Assessment of the S-index using three models of the soil water retention curve in five different Land uses in south of Kerman. Water and Soil Conservation. 25: 87-103.

Besalatpour, A. (2019):
Aghasi, B. / A. Jalalian / H. Khademi / A. A. Besalatpour (2019) Relationship between dust deposition rate and soil characteristics in an arid region of Iran. Atmósfera. 32(2), 115-128.

New publication on IWRM

Mohajeri, S. / Horlemann, L. (Eds.) Reviving the Dying Giant – Integrated Water Resources Management in the Zayandeh Rud Catchment, Iran. Springer Nature, Cham / Switzerland


Water Consumption Management

Mohajeri, S. / Nuñez von Voigt (2017): DEMAPLAN - Deamd-oriented management and planning of water infrastructures, Berlin, inter 3.

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