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Besalatpour, A. (2018):
Ayoubi, S. / Z. Feizi / M.R. Mosaddeghi / A.A. Besalatpour / M. Zeraatpishe /, J. Rodrigo-Comino (2018) A wind tunnel experiment to investigate the effect of polyvinyl acetate, biochar, and bentonite on wind erosion control AEOLIA.

Besalatpour, A. (2018):
Pakzad M. / Chamani A. / Besalatpour A. A. (2018) Influence of physical and chemical parameters of water and morphological characteristics on the accumulation of cadmium in common carp (Cyprinus carpio). New Technologies in Aquaculture Development, 26: 71-82 (Abstract in English).

Raber, W. (2018):
Avellán, T./ Roidt, M./ Emmer, A./ v. Koerber, J./ Schneider, P./ Raber, W. (2017): Making the Water-Soil-Waste Nexus Work: Framing the Boundaries of Resource Flows, in Sustainability 2017, 9, No. 10:1881...more

Mohajeri, S. (2018):
Mohajeri, S. (2018) Wasserwirtschaftliche Bankrotterklärung, in: IranContact - Das Außenwirtschaftsmagazin, No. 3/2018. OWC Verlag für Außenwirtschaft GmbH, Berlin. pp. 10-15

Raber, W. Eismann, C. (2018):
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Dierich, A. Raber, W. Wurbs, S. (2018):
Ansmann, T./ Dierich, A./ Raber, W./ Yildiz, Ö./Wurbs, S.(2018) Phosphorus recovery - decision-making under uncertainties, sector integration and digital modernization by using multi-criteria decision analysis. in: Schaum, C (Ed.): Phosphorus: Polluter and Resource of the Future: Motivations, Technologies and Assessment of the Elimination and Recovery of Phosphorus from Wastewater (IWA Publishing)

Besalatpour, A. (2018):
Amini, M.A. / G. Torkan / S. Eslamian / M.J. Zareian / A. A. Besalatpour (2018) Assessment of SWAT Hydrological Model in Catchments' Water Balance Simulation Located in Semi-Arid Regions (Case Study: Zayandeh-Rud River Basin). Water and Soil Sci. 32: 849–863.

New publication on IWRM

Mohajeri, S. / Horlemann, L. (Eds.) Reviving the Dying Giant – Integrated Water Resources Management in the Zayandeh Rud Catchment, Iran. Springer Nature, Cham / Switzerland


Water Consumption Management

Mohajeri, S. / Nuñez von Voigt (2017): DEMAPLAN - Deamd-oriented management and planning of water infrastructures, Berlin, inter 3.

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