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Development of the business area in dynamic markets

Opening markets – winning new customers with innovative products

inter 3 supports businesses by finding and deliberately exploiting unused potential, by developing new services and products, and by tapping into new markets in different countries. inter 3 in its role as external consultant identifies impartial possibilities for new buisness models and sustainable growth, and accompanies businesses in the realisation of their plans.

What you gain: We think beyond subject and sector boundaries as a matter of principle, and combine entrepreneurial vision with what is pragmatically doable to achieve a practicable development strategy.

Strategic Positioning

inter 3 explores the chances of success in the target market before the business area is expanded, and supports the business in concentrating on the right strategy from the outset.  ...more

Service and Product Development

Within our areas of expertise we provide informed consultancy, cross-sector innovation strategies and international business area development.  ...more

Business Development in Iran

inter 3 provides businesses and institutions who want to successfully enter Iran’s water sector comprehensive advice and concrete support in the development and implementation of business ideas, product innovations and marketing strategies for the Iranian market.  ...more