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Education and further training programme – Capacity Development in the Near and Middle East

Education and Continued Professional Development in Infrastructure Management 

In the infrastructure sector, well-trained personnel are just as important as modern technologies and organisational structures. Neither technical nor organisational innovations can reach their full potential without suitably and sufficiently trained personnel. Capacity Development is thus an important factor for success in the introduction of new technologies and organisational structures.

inter 3 designs and organises education and further training programmes for managers, engineers, and technical and commercial personnel in Near and Middle Eastern countries. We develop our infrastructure sector training with course content and ways of communicating ideas to meet demands.

What you gain: Tailor-made training programmes that support technology and know-how transfer, and advance resource efficiency and sustainability in the infrastructure sector.

Technical Infrastructures

We provide customer-oriented further training programmes on technical infrastructure in cooperation with partners from different areas of water resource management.  ...more

Infrastructure Management

inter 3 provides education and further training programmes on non-technical aspects of infrastructure management.   ...more