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Innovation management in a dynamic world

Managing diversity – implementing ideas successfully

The ability to innovate is an important factor of success in a very rapidly changing world. Public and private organisations must continuously reappraise their aims and missions and adjust to their changing surroundings. Being ahead of the times with this approach is in many respects more comfortable and more likely to lead to success than constantly playing catch up.

inter 3 provides entrepreneurial, practice-oriented and resource efficient innovation management. We help communities, regions and businesses to develop and fully exploit their innovation potential.

What you gain: we make sure that your innovation management is optimally suited to your resources.

Target-oriented Innovation

We develop concepts for target-oriented and sustainable innovation. We support you in thinking beyond subject and sector boundaries and in developing along new paths while always integrating everyday experience.  ...more

Constellation Management

Whether business collaboration, research network or regional planning: we support you in achieving more through cooperation with others.  ...more

Scenario Development

inter 3 shows what the situation in your business or region could look like tomorrow. We analyse what your best position would be in different scenarios.  ...more