Institute for Resource Management
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Science-related PR

In the science community, it is becoming more and more important to communicate complex information in a comprehensible, interesting and plausible fashion and to convey the message at the right time and place. inter 3 supports research institutes, businesses and ministries in their science-related PR work.

What you gain: We see to it that your message comes across in an informative and interesting way and is conveyed at the right time.

PR Work

We identify occasions and messages, research topics and maintain pro-active contact with the media. ...more

Press and Media Relations

Whether on television, radio or in print: We deliver information tailored for the media and designed to appeal to editors. ...more

Topic Management

We propel your project into the media by means of interesting topic management and the continual communication with the media.  ...more

Internet Presence

In cooperation with our network partners we create and organise user-friendly internet sites that are fun for you and your target group. ...more

Text Production

We design and accompany your publications from flyers to information brochures through to trade magazines. ...more